Ethical and regulatory compliance are core business values at Tendam.  
By ‘Compliance’ we mean a culture of ethical behaviour and regulatory compliance that permeates all our activities, the rules that guide our conduct, and the principle of zero tolerance for non-compliance. 

Accordingly, the cornerstone of our Compliance System is the Code of Conduct, which sets out our core values, ethical principles, and commitments that guide our conduct, our culture, and our corporate strategy. 

Honesty, integrity, transparency, and compliance with laws and regulations wherever we do business in the world enable us to build a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, one of the company’s most important assets.

The Ethics Committee is in charge of implementing, supervising, and monitoring the company’s Compliance System.

Our policies

All our stakeholder relations are based on a mutual ethical commitment that outstrips and is much deeper than our legal obligations. 
Our principles, commitments, corporate values, and conduct guidelines are set out in our Internal Code of Conduct, mandatory for all company employees. We also have an External Code of Conduct for suppliers and franchisees to ensure that our corporate culture extends throughout our supply chain and to third parties. 
These documents are the backbone of our corporate culture and set forth the ethical principles that lay the foundations and set up the mechanisms for acting responsibly through our entire value chain, namely: 

Internal Code of Conduct
External Code of Conduct for suppliers and franchisees franquiciados

Our internal regulatory structure also provides us with guidelines for preventively addressing the risks inherent to our activities that we can use as a basis for ensuring compliance with our Code of Conduct and applicable legislation.

Ethics Committee

Tendam’s Ethics Committee is the body set up by the Board of Directors to implement and supervise our Compliance System. This Committee’s duties include promoting a culture of ethics and compliance with the Code of Conduct and is in charge of managing the Ethics Line. 
The members of this Committee are Human Resources, Legal, Internal Audit, and Compliance Directors. It reports to the Audit and Risk Committee. 

Ethics Line

The company has an Ethics Line that allows any employee or third party to report conduct that is potentially in breach of any of the norms set out in the Internal and/or External Codes of Conduct. It enables anonymous reporting and ensures confidentiality and information security throughout the entire reporting process.  

It also assures that whistleblowers are protected and will never be subjected to reprisals for reports made in good faith. 
Furthermore, the Ethics Line also provides a channel for enquiries concerning the Code of Conduct (Internal or External) and for reporting incidents connected with it. 
The Ethics Line can be accessed here.

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