Tendam has become a unique omnichannel ecosystem that maximises the potential of its consumers.

The company is organised on a cross-cutting platform serving all brands and customer segments and has one of Europe’s largest loyalty clubs.

The model pursues a seamless link between the digital and the physical with the shop as the true hub for digital initiatives.

The four pillars underpinning Tendam 5.0

Customers: loyalty, personalisation, and digitisation

We are trailblazers in operating loyalty clubs and have five clubs for the Women’secret, Springfield, Cortefiel, Hoss Intropia, and Fifty brands. They have more than 35 million members, who are one of the focal points of our strategy.

We listen to our loyal customers and talk to them to be able to offer them what they are looking for at all times. We do this efficiently and effectively and rely on advanced data analytics: we are data-driven retailers.

Own and third-party brands. a powerful multi-brand omnichannel platform

Our growth is based on incubating, developing and creating our own brands targeting different customer segments. Specialist brands that complement each other so that we can follow our customers throughout their lives. An ecosystem that is currently open to more than 160 third-party brands that are marketed through our multi-brand omnichannel platform.

This allows Tendam to put its expertise in customer segmentation and knowledge to good use, boosting the attractiveness of our digital and brick and mortar shops.

Omnichannel network

With more than 1,800 brick-and-mortar outlets, shops remain our customers’ main point of contact with our brands.

We have a capillary network of accessible, nearby brick-and-mortar shops forming a territorial network that helps to create jobs and wealth locally. We believe in physical shops that are fully integrated into the digital environment. We are moving towards a more agile brick-and-mortar model with an expanded role, making them into a logistics hub serving online sales.

Cross-cutting structure

Our brands are kept separate and independent so that they can grow on their own based on their own identities and the flexibility that comes with different retail formats. Each has its own creative design, product, and marketing team, but they share cross-cutting corporate services.

This potent structure allows each of our brands to leverage synergies, capabilities, and expertise.

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