Ramón Amorós

General Manager, Human Resources

“Our key to success here at Tendam is the people who make up our company. We are the sum total of their attitudes, their motivations, and their commitment to a job well done.

Different multidisciplinary and multicultural teams all pulling together plus ongoing innovation in a fast-paced, demanding market is the recipe that helps us better understand the needs of our end customers. To be sure, we all have the same clear goal at heart, winning over our customers”.

Tendam, a company committed to equal opportunity.


Join our team

We want to keep growing so that our brands are globally known, and we believe that the best way to do this is to support and develop the talent of those who make up our team. If you want to be part of a great company that is committed to people and is passionate about fashion … You are Tendam!

We are all one team

Tendam Solidarity Week

One of Tendam’s main volunteering initiatives. Our employees can sign up for different social and environmental volunteer activities carried out at and outside our office for a week.

Mentoring offenders, styling for vulnerable women, and gardening workshops for people with disabilities were some of last year’s volunteer activities.

The Solidarity Week is part of the company’s corporate volunteering programme, ‘SOMOS VOLUNTARIOS’ [We Volunteer], which gives our employees a chance to add value to society. Volunteering is one of the hallmarks of Tendam’s identity.

Litter Pick-up Campaign at the Valmayor Reservoir

To close out the company’s Solidarity Week, Tendam’s employee volunteers went to the Valmayor reservoir outside Madrid to pick up litter in cooperation with SEO Birdlife’s Libera [Clean up] Project together with Ecoembes.

Thanks to the combined efforts of more than 100 employee volunteers, their families and friends, 130 kg of litter were removed, helping to improve conditions at the reservoir.

This day-long activity helps co-workers to bond as they perform an outdoor task that is good for the environment and raises environmental awareness in children.

Reforestation campaign

Every year brings new Tendam volunteers who work with the Reforestation Campaign, not just company employees, but their families and children too.

In this outdoor activity, we plant different species of native trees and shrubs, bringing a better environment and making children more aware of the importance of caring for our planet.

This activity was spread over two days, and we planted 145 trees in all, a substantial number, testimony to the enthusiastic efforts made by all those who were there.

Some of the employees who took part remarked that these activities were extremely rewarding, especially for the youngest volunteers. It also brought co-workers together and gave them a chance to get to know each other better, spend time with nature, and experience an enriching morning.

Our values

Gador Merce and David Alonso

Customer first

Gador Merce and David Alonso

Business experts

“For those of us who work at Tendam, our customers come first. They are always the focal point of all our decisions, and they bring out the best in us as a team in our striving to meet their current and anticipate their future needs, to ensure that our products give them what they are looking for and service that exceeds their expectations. That is our main goa”.

Cristina Fernández


Cristina Fernández

HR Business partner

“We work in a plural environment with a diverse team that helps us understand, develop, and consolidate the needs of our business. The efforts of each and every one of the people working at Tendam all add up, multiply our strengths, and push our business along the path of constant growth”.

Yolanda García Chamorro


Yolanda García Chamorro

Springfield designer

“Each of us here at Tendam contributes to and is part of a shared task. Bringing together innovative and effective ideas and setting transformative initiatives in motion is key to generating value for our customers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and franchisees and has a positive impact on society as a whole”.

Emilio Jiménez


Emilio Jiménez

Quality & development director

“Integrity is one of Tendam’s core values. Acting honestly and respectfully, in keeping with our principles and values. Success is to be found within the people who make up our teams here at Tendam when we act according to what we think and say. It is a key component of our credibility and leadership. And this in turn contributes to the sustainable growth of our business”.

Nuria Dias


Nuria Dias

Women’secret design director

“Ambition at Tendam pushes you to break barriers, to think big, to be enthusiastic about everything you do, to believe there are no limits. That is what makes us stronger day by day and helps us overcome challenges so that our customers can all fulfil their individual dreams”.

Nuria Mayoral


Nuria Mayoral

External communications manager

“At Tendam, creating an environment of trust and honesty is the basis for working transparently and with respect for society, the environment, and our surroundings. We build on honesty to create a foundation of responsibility towards our co-workers, our company, and ourselves. Without honesty, I would not be able to work, because to me it is the cornerstone for all work and personal relationships, and because it builds confidence and security to meet challenges in work and in life. In my job at the company, it would be impossible to maintain the communication networks that my work demands without honesty and transparency”.

Daniel de la Peña


Daniel de la Peña

Cortefiel club director

“Fashion, our brands, and of course our clothes are our passion. But we can still improve, and we are continuously striving to be better. Our passion for our work and our attitude of continuous improvement can be seen in what we who are part of Tendam do every single day”.

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