Ramón Amorós

Director of Human Resources

“Here at TENDAM, the key to our success lies in the people that make up the Company.

Our success is a reflection of their attitude, drive and commitment to excellence in their work.

Collaboration between the various multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, combined with ongoing innovation in a rapidly changing and demanding market, allows us to better understand the needs of our end customers. After all, we all share the same clear focus and goal: to win over our customers.”

We want to keep growing so that our brands are globally known, and we believe that the best way to do this is to support and develop the talent of those who make up our team. If you want to be part of a great company that is committed to people and is passionate about fashion … You are Tendam!

We all count


Every year new TENDAM volunteers join the Reforestation Campaign with Reforesta, not only people who work in the company, but also our families and children.

An outdoor action, where different species of native trees and shrubs are planted, contributing to the improvement of the environment while raising awareness about the importance of caring for the planet among children.

With this action, which was divided into two days, we managed to plant a total of 145 trees, a very positive figure that demonstrates the enthusiasm with which all participants attended.

According to some of our colleagues who participated, this day covered all kinds of expectations, including those of the youngest volunteers, as well as favoring the rapprochement between colleagues and getting to know each other better, thanks to this opportunity to get together, interacting with nature and spending a wonderful morning.


TENDAM joins the celebration of World Cleanup Day, known internationally as Word Cleanup Day, with the help of the environmental organization Seo Bird Lifes and Ecoembes.

The action took place in a reservoir in the Community of Madrid, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of cleaning nature and the environmental benefits of recycling.

Around 200 TENDAM employees were volunteers from the company who joined in the campaign, along with their families and children, collecting more than 340 kg of garbage in the area, which was then sorted and classified.

Actions like this and the new sustainable proposals of our brands are steps to contribute to improving our environmental impact and the development of the circular economy.

Word Cleanup Day is a global movement that involves millions of people in more than 150 countries taking action against global waste pollution by cleaning up communities, parks, forests and beaches. The goal is to create a “green wave” of cleanups, stretching from New Zealand to Hawaii..


TENDAM, together with other large companies, activated the “Proyecto Acompaña” Showroom in collaboration with the NGO MAS+ Ayuda y Solidaridad.

A total of 35 people, in addition to the Operations and Logistics teams, helped in this day and in the preparation of shipments.

This action consisted of making available to the refugees a total of 2,890 garments from our brands women’secret, Springfield and Cortefiel.

It was a very exciting and satisfactory shopping day, in which 350 Ukrainian women and children were able to choose not only clothes from our brands, but also toys.

In addition to being able to take what they liked the most, the event was designed to be a day to have fun, get to know each other and create a community to support each other in these hard times. They came accompanied by their sons and daughters who were able to get their faces painted and have a snack.

An information point was set up at the entrance for those who have not regularized their situation in Spain. This will help them to get a job and facilitate their access to many services.

Our values

Customer first







Customer first

“”For the people who work at TENDAM, our customers are the most important thing. We place them, always, at the center of our decisions and we give the best of us, as a team, to meet their current needs and anticipate future ones, that with our products we can offer them both what they are looking for and services that exceed their expectations, that is our main goal “.



“We work under the reflection of plurality, and we have a diverse team that helps us to understand, develop and consolidate the needs of our business. The sum contributed by each of the people who belong to TENDAM manages to multiply our strengths, driving our business towards constant growth”.



“At TENDAM each of us contributes to and is part of a common project. Promoting the creation of innovative, effective ideas and the implementation of transformative initiatives is fundamental to generate value for our customers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors or franchisees and, in general, this has a positive impact on society”.



“One of the core values within TENDAM is integrity, acting honestly, respectfully, in accordance with our values and principles. Success lies in the people who make up our teams at TENDAM, acting in accordance with what we think and say, this favors personal and professional development, which reinforces our credibility and leadership. All of this contributes to the sustainable growth of our business”.



“Ambition at TENDAM leads you to break barriers, to think big, to be enthusiastic about everything you do, to think that nothing has a limit, this is what makes us stronger every day and overcome challenges to make our clients dream in a unique way.”



“At TENDAM generating environments of trust, of honesty, is the basis for working with transparency and respect towards society, the environment and our surroundings. From honesty we create a basis of responsibility with our colleagues, with our company and with ourselves. Without honesty it would be impossible for me to work because I consider it the main basis of all work and personal relationships, because it builds confidence and security to face challenges in work and life. Because of the position I hold in the company, without honesty and transparency it would be impossible to maintain the communication networks that my work demands”.



“We are passionate about fashion, our brands and of course our garments. But we can improve and we work continuously to do so. Our passion for our business and our attitude of constant improvement is reflected in what we do every day, those of us who are part of TENDAM”.


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