Tendam celebrates world cleaning day with a waste collection in the sierra de Madrid

24 / September / 2019

Tendam celebrates world cleaning day with a waste collection in the sierra de Madrid

24 / September / 2019

Tendam celebrates world cleaning day with a waste collection in the sierra de Madrid

  • The activity was carried out together with Seo Bird Life and Ecombes within their Libera programme and 341 kilos of waste were collected
  • 200 volunteers from the textile company Tendam joined the World Cleaup Day 2019 challenge to clean and collect garbage from the Valmayor reservoir, in Madrid.

Madrid, 24 September 2019.- Tendam and its brands Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women’secret and Fifty, join the celebration of World Cleanup Day, which was celebrated on 21 September. Together with the environmental organisation Seo Bird Life and Ecoembes, a cleaning and adaptation day was held for the natural area next to the Valmayor de los Arroyos reservoir in the municipality of El Escorial, in Madrid.

The World Cleanup Day aims to draw citizens’ attention to the importance of collaborating in the cleanliness of nature, as well as the great environmental benefits of recycling.

In the day organized by Tendam, there was a raid of cleaning and manual collection of waste, 341 kilos, by about 200 volunteers, among employees and family members, who came to collect, select and weigh the waste found in the northern area of the Valmayor reservoir, which is known as Valmenor, next to the urbanization of Los Arroyos.

At the end of the day, a characterisation of the waste collected was carried out in order to incorporate the data into the database of the Libera project, which studies the impact of the waste on fauna and makes it possible to identify effective solutions for its prevention.

In the words of Jaume Miquel “actions such as the one we have carried out this weekend, and the new sustainable proposals of our brands, are steps to contribute to improving our environmental impact and the development of the circular economy“.

Tendam has joined the project ‘LIBERA, united against garbage’ that was born in 2017 to stop the consequences of garbage abandoned in natural spaces. It was created by the oldest environmental NGO in Spain, SEO/BirdLife, in alliance with Ecoembes, the environmental organization that promotes the circular economy through the recycling of packaging and paper.

The Spanish fashion company has chosen this initiative to celebrate World Cleanup Day for its commitment to the circular economy, along with other international companies including members of the Sustainability Club of PAI Partners. The aim is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural spaces free of garbage and promote biodiversity.

World Cleanup Day is a global movement for millions of people in more than 150 countries to take action against global waste pollution by cleaning up communities, parks, forests and beaches. The goal is to create a ‘green wave’ of cleanups that will last 36 hours and extend from New Zealand to Hawaii. One of the largest organizations of clean-up days is Let´s Do It World.

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