Springfield launches a new campaign targeting the millennials

22 / July / 2016

Springfield launches a new campaign targeting the millennials

22 / July / 2016

Springfield, the Grupo Cortefiel´s young and casual fashion Brand, presents its new campaign “My Perfect Summer #JoinThisWave” starring two top class ambassadors, Mario Casas and Úrsula Corberó. Both are key references for a new generation and play the main roles of Springfield’s new fashion films to spread the positive spirit of a perfect summer, day by day, without having to go on holidays.

This key message will be promoted through a worldwide campaign globally displayed online at myspringfield.com between May and August.

The story takes place in the sunny beaches of Cádiz coast, chosen by the brand to convey the Mediterranean textures of a seaside city where good vibrations of summer set the mood to enjoy every moment each day.

This new campaign is inspired by the west coast Californian lifestyle promoted in 1966 worldwide thanks to the documentary movie The endless summer. Then, this film spread the surfers’ optimistic and adventurous spirit and the quest for the perfect wave. Now Springfield claims the same attitude to promote the idea of living every day to the fullest in a positive way inviting millennials to join the wave and share their perfect summer moments through social media namely Instagram. The brand refreshes the original documentary tone using the tools and speech through which people share their experiences nowadays.


Mario Casas and Úrsula Corberó take the leading roles within this campaign and through their fashion films and the 30’’ waves will unveil the unique moments they live in summer like 7 perfect waves that make their perfect summer.

With these ambassadors, Springfield starts a positive and endless viral wave that will run throughout Spain and all the countries in which the brand is present. The main scenario will be Instagram and the brand invited some of the most important young influencers to join the campaign to promote this movement, its content and to increase the audience’s engagement uploading their cool boomerangs photos and videos with the hashtag #JoinThisWave.

Through My Perfect Summer campaign, Springfield wants to connect in a very direct and contemporary way with its young target, with an interactive and familiar speech to the consumers. Within the brand’s web site, the films will allow the user to surf from wave to wave, zapping between both sides of the story shared by Mario Casas and Úrsula Corberó. Springfield states that this is a very clear way to declare their social profile as a brand “for you”, that talks “like you” using not only the millennials communication codes but the platforms everybody is using today. For Springfield this is the ultimate aspirational element to connect with the new generation of consumers.


“Mario Casas and Úrsula Corberó represent not only this aspirational profile but also allow Springfield to connect with a very wide target range that identify them as young bravehearted winners in their professional lives. Everybody loves that from 6 to 60 years old. And, at a global scale, they are extraordinary examples of an adventurous and optimistic spirit that engages with youth”. – The brand declares.

Both, in an excellent moment of their careers, accept the Springfield´s challenge and give voice and image to this cool idea that you can enjoy perfect moments of your daily routine if you approach life with a positive spirit.

“This is a campaign that perfectly conveys the casual tone and emotional profile of our brand. It is a true statement of Springfield’s DNA based on this easy and inspiring idea that each day can be extraordinary if you live it in your own way, with your own style and focusing on the positive side of life and in people as the key to succeed.” – add Alexandra Franco, Brand’s Marketing Director. “Mario represents very well a curious mind and the spirit of a true explorer. A man that takes his own passions very seriously and enjoys the daily moments in a very personal way. Very natural, kind of quiet and most of all extraordinarily normal. Úrsula is this cheerful, fun, spontaneous woman. She is pure energy and unexpected surprise all the time. Always ready to accept a new challenge, to meet new people, to make new friends and to share with them the best of life.” – declares the brand that confess to be thrilled to be able to have both Spanish actors on board as icons for a new generation of self- confident young adults.

Nowadays Mario Casas is immersed in the promotion of his last movie and Úrsula Corberó is shooting one of the most successful series at the moment in Spain. Both accepted to participate in this Springfield’s campaign and to promote this contemporary quest for the perfect wave and to invite people across the globe to live the best of this summer.

The shooting of these new films and of the TV Spots that will be aired in Spain in May, took place in April in Cádiz, south coast of Spain. The campaign will be displayed through print ads, outdoor advertising and of course online and social media. On the 5th of May the brand officially presented the fashion films in a very special event with the presence of Mario Casas, instagrammers, Spanish celebrities and very well- known names from the artistic and media world in Spain and Portugal.

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