Hoss Intropia presents the first collection of its new era

24 / February / 2021

Hoss Intropia presents the first collection of its new era

24 / February / 2021

  • The brand, acquired by Tendam in November 2019, will be available in the top 20 Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro stores in Spain
  • Tendam will launch a dedicated online platform for Hoss Intropia, a channel that is expected to account for more than 50% of the brand’s total sales.
  • Hoss Intropia was founded in 1994 and targets women between 35 and 45 in the affordable luxury segment.

Hoss Intropia returns to the market with Tendam, one of Europe’s leading omni-channel groups in the specialty fashion sector. Acquired in November 2019, the brand is set to present its first collection – spring/summer 2021 – under the artistic direction and strategic and operational management of the Tendam team. During this initial phase, Hoss Intropia will be available in 20 of the Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro flagship stores throughout Spain in a “shop-in-shop” or boutique model as well as featuring a @Showroom concept in six other stores. It will also have its own online shop. The Hoss Intropia brand will gradually grow its presence internationally, within department stores and throughout the franchisee network.

Marie Castellvi-Dépée, CEO of Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro said: “Hoss Intropia was a fashion classic for women in Spain and internationally. Its romantic-sophisticated bohemian feel exudes a style of its own, setting it apart from the fashion trends of the day. We are staying true to its authenticity as we relaunch the brand and take advantage of its obvious compatibility with the rest of Tendam’s brands for women. Hoss Intropia caters to the affordable luxury segment“.

To ensure respect for the essence of Hoss Intropia – a brand established in 1994 – Alejandra Valero, design manager for eight years during the brand’s earlier days, re-joins the ranks to lead the creative department. She is supported by a multidisciplinary team with years of expertise in the Hoss Intropia universe in the areas of design, visual elements, marketing and communication. The spring/summer 2021 collection, the first of the brand’s new era, is imbued with the original Hoss Intropia spirit and creates a universe that no other brand has been able to recreate, especially in the Spanish market.

The relaunch will use a shop-in-shop model to feature Hoss Intropia in 20 Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro points of sale where Tendam’s new brand will be showcased as an integrated boutique. There will also be dedicated space in six stores for the @Showroom concept: a space where shoppers can get to know the products, touching the fabrics and trying on a selection of garments. At @Showroom, customers will be able to place an order on the spot and indicate where their purchases should be sent. Four collections will be launched this season and six in the following season, with each collection offering more exclusive apparel and accessories available via the online shop, which is the channel the company has targeted to make one out of every two sales of the brand.

Hoss Intropia returns to the market with a commitment to sustainability; more than 30% of the spring/summer 2021 collection is sustainable, made with recycled materials, a denim line designed for responsible washing and all the T-shirts made from organic cottons. In this new era, the brand is responding to expectations vis-à-vis climate change that have arisen with the Tendam acquisition; these same expectations are being used to strengthen the brand’s relationship with its customers, a relationship that is further demonstrated with the creation of the new loyalty club, Hoss Lovers.

The launch of Hoss Intropia highlights Tendam’s expertise in customer knowledge and segmentation and represents an important step forward in the strategy of its multi-brand platform.

Tendam currently has the largest multi-brand omni-channel distribution platform in the Iberian Peninsula and an extensive network of stores (more than 800 in Spain and Portugal) offering a wide range of services.

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