20,000 trees will be planted in Galicia with the second edition of #BosqueSpringfield

15 / March / 2021

20,000 trees will be planted in Galicia with the second edition of #BosqueSpringfield

15 / March / 2021

  • The first #BosqueSpringfield project was carried out in 2020 and succeeded in planting 30,000 trees in the municipality of Caleruega, Burgos
  • Together with the company C02 Revolution, mass planting using drones makes it possible to create entire ecosystems in an agile, sustainable, and efficient way

Springfield, Tendam’s casualwear brand, is launching its second #Bosquespringfield project as a key initiative within its environmentally friendly label,  R[ECO]NSIDER.. Its aim is directly focused on creating forest wealth in areas heavily impacted by deforestation, thus helping to create new entire ecosystems.

For the second edition of  #BosqueSpringfield, which will be carried out in 2021, Springfield has set the goal of planting another 20,000 trees in the mountains of Cerdedo-Cotobade (in the province of Pontevedra), which were badly damaged by fires in 2017. According to Marc Calabia, managing director of Springfield, ‘We continue to be committed to sustainability and, through this initiative, we aim to create forest wealth, thus offsetting C02 emissions. With the planting we started last year with 50 hectares and 17 different species in the municipality of Caleruega, we managed to offset approximately 14,400 tonnes of C02’.

Once again, the planting will be done together with C02 Revolution, a company that combines two of Springfield’s most important pillars: technology and sustainability. Its system of drones, equipped with advanced software and a navigation system, autonomously determines where and how to sow seeds, thus resulting in a mass planting system to create entire ecosystems in the most agile, sustainable, and efficient way, reversing the impact of C02 emissions. According to Juan Carlos Sesma, CEO of CO2 Revolution, ‘It is a pleasure to be part of a project like #BosqueSpringfield, where both companies’ strong commitment to the environment in support of a true ecological transition is shown’.

In 2020, the first  #BosqueSpringfield project took place. With this project, 30,000 trees were planted in the municipality of Caleruega, on land in Tubilla del Lago and Valdeande—a completely deforested area with tremendous ecological value in the province of Burgos.


Springfield involucra de nuevo a su comunidad en Instagram (@springfieldmw) For every #BosqueSpringfield hashtag shared through comments on this post (https://www.instagram.com/p/CMboyojDRSp/)the brand will plant a tree until it reaches 20,000 trees in the new #BosqueSpringfield.


This season, Springfield has made one out of every three garments in a more environmentally friendly way. This means that a third of the SS21 collection has the R[ECO]NSIDER label, thus confirming Springfield’s commitment to caring for the planet.

Through its two initiatives, using natural or recycled fibres and its h20 programme that focuses on saving water and energy in its denim finishing processes, Springfield has managed to replace 484 tonnes of conventional cotton with organic cotton and to treat one million garments with sustainable technologies.

The  menswear & womenswearwomenswear R[ECO]NSIDER collection has been created using materials and finishes like organic cotton, which requires 90% less water than conventional cotton, does not have genetically modified seeds, and is grown without fertilisers and chemical pesticides; sustainable linen, which is sustainably grown in Europe and is used alone or combined with organic cotton; recycled polyester, which has the same quality as conventional polyester but fewer resources are consumed and less C02 is emitted in its manufacturing process; TencelTM LyocellTM, which is manufactured using wood from eucalyptus trees (because of the trees’ characteristics, they grow faster and need less water) that is controlled and has FSC and PEFC certification; LenzingTM EcoveroTM fibre, which is obtained from wood from certified sources with the EU Ecolabel and has a manufacturing process that reduces emissions and its impact on water resources by 50% compared to generic viscose; recycled cotton, which is made with waste classified and grouped by colour to create the new cotton in different colours, thus reducing the use of dyes and aggressive chemicals, saving water, reducing C02, and avoiding other impacts of cotton production; and the H20 programme, which uses laser, ozone, and eco technologies in its denim finishing processes, thus saving water and reducing the use of energy and products that are harmful to the environment, such as bleaches and permanganate.

In addition, R[ECO]NSIDER has a unisex fragrance fragrance that is made using natural processes and that has a 99.7% biodegradable formula, ingredients that have not been tested on animals, and a bottle and packaging that are 100% recyclable.

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